Thoughts and feelings about the year so far

Thoughts and feelings about the year so far
Summer holidays
I had a lot of fun over the holiday. I visited Malaysia and Australia. I had no lessons over the holidays because I visited my cousins in Australia and my friend in Malaysia.I watched Hancock and the Dark knight in the cinema. I bought two games over the holidays, they were FIFA 08 and Need for speed. I went to Sunway Lagoon the amusement park in Malaysia,but I’m happy to be back in school.
New school

The new school is awesome. I think the library and the I.C.T suite has made a huge improvement. My school is so much bigger with the new building. The multimedia suite is a amazing new feature in my school.

Differences from year 6 to year 5
I think year 6 is more challenging to year 5. The homework is harder and the lessons are harder as well.There are less boys and more girls but there are less people from last year. We get to go to China this year.last year we did go on camp but not to a different country. I have more new friends in year 6.

Camp will be so much fun because we get to go to China! And go real camping. I think going to China with your friends is a great idea.

I have a lot of friends but I shall only name a couple, magatoote, yospartana2, supmah84, trianlover9576lego.lego567 and I still have a lot more.